About Asist Patent
About Asist Patent
"Trusted Assistant Of New Ideas"

Assists Patent is a consultancy company that provides services in the field of development of social industrial property awareness, structuring competitive environment with innovative thoughts and directing economic growth with its proxies and consultant staff trained in the field of industrial property.

The Company has adopted a wide range of services in the fields of protection of corporate values ​​both domestically and abroad, management and direction of industrial rights registration, informing clients within the processes, resolution of disputes with competitors and representation in patent offices.

We are serving our clients with our offices in Bursa, Istanbul and America. We carry out domestic brands, patents, design and other services with the trademark and patent attorneys authorized to perform transactions in Turkish Patent Institute, foreign partners in abroad transactions, lawyers working in legal procedures together with principled, innovative and high quality service concept.

In addition to the services it provides for registration and follow-up transactions abroad, Assis Patent also performs its requests for national applications and protection from abroad with its expert and experienced staff. In the national and international arena, the protection and follow-up of the intellectual values ​​produced by the companies and the development of marketing forces are our fundamental principles.


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