Nuri Alço Was Right in the Case of Trademark
Nuri Alço Was Right in the Case of Trademark

The famous name of Yeşilçam, Nuri Alço, has been justified by the expert in the case of compensation and trademark right opened to a restaurant chain ...
Nuri Alço, the restaurant chain, using the name of his cocktail in the compensation case was justified by the expert.

According to a report by Ozge Eğrikar from Hurriyet newspaper, the actor filed a 35 thousand liras compensation and trademark lawsuit against the restaurant chain for allegedly using his unauthorized alcoholic cocktail.

The court has sent the file to the expert to determine whether there is a violation of the brand right.

According to the expert report, which confirms Nuri Alço, it was seen that the cocktail sold under the name of Nuri Alço Lyncburg was similar to the Nuri Alço brand of the actor.

Source: (16.11.2018)

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